​Psychological Evaluations

​Psychological Evaluations


Children with undiagnosed and unmanaged problems with learning and attention face higher risks of academic difficulties and narrower life opportunities as they grow older. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis is an essential first step in ensuring children receive the appropriate accommodations at school and appropriate treatment plans through healthcare providers.

We can evaluate and diagnose your child with an attention disorder, such as ADHD, or a learning disability, such as a Reading Disorder, among others. Parents also seek out our specialized neuropsychological evaluations when they are concerned about the possibility of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, and other general developmental disorders. Our neuropsychologists are trained in the use of the latest, proven, and clinically sound tools and methods. Information is also obtained from those who know the child best, including parents and teachers, to help develop an accurate picture of a child at home and in social and academic settings.


Many adults seek neuropsychological evaluations to determine if their problems with attention, memory, emotional, or learning difficulties may stem from other psychological/neurological conditions or disorders. An evaluation can determine baseline cognitive functioning and individual strengths and weaknesses.


If your parent or loved one is showing signs of memory loss or declining thinking ability, talk to his or her doctor. It may be a normal part of aging or it could be a sign of something more concerning. Seeking neuropsychological evaluation when you first start noticing changes in thinking abilities, can be daunting. It may feel more comfortable to make do and find work arounds. However, early detection of NCD is important to help ensure accurate diagnosis and therefore accurate and timely treatment. Ultimately, we are here to help you maintain as much independence in your day to day activities as possible. One of the first steps in treatment is seeking a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation to determine you or your loved one’s current level of cognitive functioning. Through regular re-evaluations, we can help keep tabs on whether thinking abilities have improved, stayed stable, or worsened with time.