We are now open in Wisconsin and Illinois

We are now open in Wisconsin and Illinois

Senior Services

Senior Services

Our Mission to Assist the Aging population

Our values are simple. We strive to offer access to excellent and affordable full-service psychological services for senior living communities, dedicated to helping the aging population, adjust and cope with problems they may experience.

Aging can often be difficult, and some seniors have to find ways to cope with changes that come with age. This includes health, finances, and social issues.

Our network of providers, partner with senior living communities to support, offer specialized evaluation, and treatment services to meet the cognitive, emotional, and psychological wellness of our senior population.

We help manage Stresses & Challenges by focusing on daily functional and emotional needs. With compassion and support, we offer evidenced-based therapy, resources, and options to help seniors age in place with dignity and respect. Support, evaluation, and treatment services are provided to meet cognitive, emotional, and psychological wellness.

Evaluation, Testing & Treatment Planning

An Initial Evaluation is conducted by our clinicians to obtain medical, educational, and psychosocial background. It is a way of assessing and observing each individual’s behavior, personality, cognitive abilities, and other domains.
A battery of psychological and or neuropsychological tests will be determined by the psychologist who will uniquely outline the needs of each patient.

Once testing is completed a Treatment Plan will be created. Treatment plans are comprised from the clinician’s evaluation, testing results, and feedback from the resident, and if applicable, from family and community staff.

Psychotherapy for Seniors

Psychotherapy includes treating psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, grief, adjustment, and other mood-related concerns. It helps to better understand the behaviors, emotions, and ideas that contribute to these symptoms.

Our team utilizes techniques to assist individuals in modifying psychological, behavioral, emotional, and social factors that may be impacting functioning and well-being.

Cognitive Remediation Therapy for Seniors

Cognitive Remediation therapy focuses on maintaining and or improving memory functioning; stabilizing memory loss and developing daily life skills for individuals with mild to moderate impairment. Our goal is to strengthen memory functioning and help individuals transfer progress to daily living skills. Interactive interventions and the development of daily life skills are also utilized to help achieve goals of optimal cognitive health.


Advanced Memory Therapy for Seniors

Advanced Memory Therapy focuses on moderate to later stages of memory loss and or Dementia and targets each individual’s unique symptoms at each stage of impairment, as well as building on remaining functional capacities.

Our goal is to help each individual achieve and maintain the highest level of functioning and quality of life possible at each stage of the disease process to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, agitation, and associated behaviors.

Cognitive Remediation Therapy at this stage is provided to work with an individual’s remaining areas of cognitive function, communication skills, and the capacity to understand communication.

Intervention Techniques for Seniors

Behavioral Therapy helps treat many emotional challenges and behaviors associated with memory loss, such as anxiety, depression, agitation, aggression, and delusional thinking.

Validation Therapy helps individuals feel understood and ‘joined with.’ These interventions generally foster decreased anxiety, mistrust, and other emotional disturbances.

Family Therapy provides education and support about the disease process and skills that might assist in communication and support of their loved one.